“Until I Find the Words” (2018)

"Until I Find the Words" 2018 album cover

Each tune on this album has its own special feel, from ballad to bounce, tango to swing. They are just some of the many original compositions by saxophonist/clarinetist Steve Hiltner that he and pianist Phil Orr have been performing at concerts and events for years, recorded here in-studio. Steve takes his inspiration from the mainstream … Read more

“Phil Orr & More: Live at the Off-Broadstreet Theatre” (2016)

"Live at the Off-Broadstreet Theatre" 2016 album cover

Classic jazz piano trio grooving the ‘60s (shout-outs to Ramsey Lewis, Les McCann, Ahmad Jamal, Professor Longhair, The Peddlers), floating some tender lyricism, and riding the “A Train” & “Take Five” to fun destinations. ALBUM NOTES Background In the fall of 2016 this trio (featuring Michael O’Brien, bass, and Sean Dixon, drums) played two upbeat … Read more

“Engaging Mystery: Bethlehem Revisited” (2013)

"Engaging Mystery: Bethlehem Revisited" 2013 album cover

The music in this collection may be familiar to you or not, depending on your holiday customs and taste. I selected these tunes out of the hundreds written over the centuries because I felt I had something new to consider, discover or explore in engaging each of them. This is actually a very apt description … Read more

“Mutual Admiration: Philip Orr plays Philip Orr” (2013)

"Mutual Admiration: Philip Orr plays Philip Orr" 2013 album cover

Except that I’ve never had a ‘spective’, this music might represent a retrospective: over forty years of jazz tunes making a belated debut. Two or three titles have borne the light at different times: a novelty between standards on a club date, a concert encore, a quartet recording in the distant past. New tunes infrequently … Read more

“Cool Yule to You” (2006)

"Cool Yule to You" 2006 album cover

“Cool Yule to You” is a mid-stream encapsulation of a series of very fun annual concerts performed 2002-2010 at Westminster Choir College in Princeton, NJ. Originally filling in for the world-class Westminster Concert Bell Choir out on tour, the Cool Yule Jazz lark became its own pear-treed partridge to kick off WCC’s week of holiday … Read more