Sister Mary Appassionata Lectures the Eighth Grade Boys and Girls: The Family Jewels


Voice: Soprano [B3-Ab5] and piano; Time: 2:45 Tempo: Mixed Gospel Church and Blues (q = 56 initially); Language: English; Dedication: For Susan Gaylord in her Jubilee Year 
[Recording by Susan Gaylord & Philip Orr]

Sister Mary Appassionata’s outrageous myth ultimately conveys the sanctity and wonder of physical intimacy. The vocal style is classical throughout, though characterized by a stern ‘preaching’ affect, some matter-of-fact explanations, and the tones of warm compassion. The accompaniment blends various 20th century styles. Performers must consider the degree to which humor may or may not play a part in the beliefs or invention behind the character’s expressions; I’ve tone-painted in styles that make dramatic sense to me.