“Mutual Admiration” Fakebook (combined B-flat & E-flat transpositions)



All eleven tunes from the album in both B-flat and E-flat transpositions.
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[2013] Except that I’ve never had a ‘spective’, this music might represent a retrospective: over forty years of jazz tunes making a belated debut. Two or three titles have borne the light at different times: a novelty between standards on a club date, a concert encore, a quartet recording in the distant past. New tunes infrequently sprouted, the result of some need/whim/heated  inspiration; one shot and then into the drawer with the others they would go. They puttered around their file folder year after year, wistful sighs increasingly muted by the lively sounds of choral music, band music, vocal music and hymn tunes moving into neighboring folders. And then one day the Composer took out one of the jazz tunes and played it, and then took out another – he played them in a recital! Much excited talk ensued among the jazz tunes, with even more speculation – Would they all be heard again? Would they?? Nope. At least, not yet. But a bunch of them would. Are. Here. Now! And they do marvelously, I must say! Each presents its point of view with attitude and style, well-poised, expressive—they make me proud. Sniff!