Saturday, January 19, 2019 10:00 PM
I’m a keyboardist (piano, mostly) within a spectrum of idioms  ̶  multi-era jazz, pop (Anglo- and Afro-root), musical theater and classical. I have extensive live performance and recording experience as both soloist and collaborator/accompanist. I’ve recorded on piano, synthesizer, mellophone, flugelhorn, recorders and ‘puccolo’ (mouth whistling), and incidentally as a baritone chorister, featuring on ten album-length releases (jazz, pop, soundtrack; 1973-present), with original compositions and arrangements represented on twelve.


I’m a composer of neo-tonal classical, jazz (contemporary and historic) and pop (Anglo- and Afro-rooted) music: concert works, liturgical works, dramatic underscoring, incidental music, hymn tunes and jazz heads; 2- to 20-minute works for choir(s), solo voice, wind ensemble, concert band, chamber groups, solo keyboard. I'm the recipient of several ASCAPlus awards and a NJ State Council on the Arts fellowship.
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“The idea of complete, capital ‘M’ Musicianship has motivated me personally and professionally from childhood. Listening by the hour to LPs/45s/78s, AM radio, and Big 3 network television broadcasting in the 50s & 60s, I became aware of performers, conductors, composers and (thanks to Leonard Bernstein) music educators, imagining myself to be each and all of them. These four areas, pursued essentially equally in various guises over 40 years, perpetually converse in my head, inspiring new ideas and deeper insight. I continue my pursuit for the passion and riches it still bestows, and the opportunities for sharing it with just the Absolutely Best People, audiences and musicians alike.”