Saturday, January 19, 2019, 10:00 PM

Performer, works:

Phil Orr & More: Live at the Off-Broadstreet Theatre, 2016
"Phil Orr & More: Live at the Off-Broadstreet Theatre" 2016

Philip Orr: Mutual Admiration, 2013
Philip Orr: "Mutual Admiration" 2013

Philip Orr: Engaging Mystery, 2013
Philip Orr: "Engaging Mystery" 2013

Jerry Rife, Phil Orr: Cool Yule to You, 2006
Jerry Rife, Phil Orr: "Cool Yule to You" 2006

Ray Gray: One Stop Past Nowhere, 2005
Ray Gray: "One Stop Past Nowhere" 2005

Ray Gray: World of the Great Kingly Beast, 2003
Ray Gray: "World of the Great Kingly Beast" 2003

PCUSA: Set The Sun Dancing, 2001
PCUSA: "Set the Sun Dancing" 2001

PCUSA: Oh What A Wonderful Gift, 2000
PCUSA: "Oh, What A Wonderful Gift!" 2000

Arn Evans: Lighter Than Air, 1980
Arn Evans: "Lighter Than Air" 1980

Performer only:

Jerry Rife: Hymns & Spirituals, 2011
Jerry Rife: "Hymns and Spirituals" 2011

Works only:

FPC Birmingham: Set the Sun Dancing, 2005
FPC Birmingham: "Set the Sun Dancing" 2005

Museum Street Saxophone Quartet: MSSQ, 1999
Museum Street Saxophone Quartet: "MSSQ" 1999

Vic Damone: Feelings, 1977
Vic Damone: "Feelings" 1977
“The idea of complete, capital ‘M’ Musicianship has motivated me personally and professionally from childhood. Listening by the hour to LPs/45s/78s, AM radio and live, Big 3 network television performances in the 50s & 60s, I became aware of performers, conductors, composers and (thanks to Leonard Bernstein) music educators, imagining myself to be each and all of them. These four areas, pursued essentially equally in various guises over 40 years, perpetually converse in my head, inspiring new ideas and deeper insight. I continue my pursuit for the passion and riches it still bestows and the opportunities for sharing it with just the absolutely best people, audiences and musicians alike.”